Best fitness centres for women’s motivation in Brisbane

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Are you looking for a place where to reach your fitness goals? You came to the correct place. The team at STRONG Australia have created a list of recommended gyms in Brisbane for women who want to feel stronger, healthier and fit.

If you are tired of training at home and seek that extra motivation that gives you to be surrounded by other empowered women, just continue reading and find out the fitness centre in Brisbane that suits you better.

Science of Fitness

Science of Fitness takes training to the next level. Although it is not female access only, we choose it as one of our top recommended fitness centres in Brisbane because of its innovative approach to health and fitness. 

Under the premise “train smarter, not harder”, Science of Fitness helps people to become the person they want to be by improving their health, strength, mobility and more.

“Part of our ethos is around science-driven, data-backed training delivered to cater to the individual, rather than a conventional ‘broad-stroke’ approach. As such, we put into practice and have written extensively on training during the menstrual cycle, as well as during menopause”, explains Samantha, health consultant at Science of Fitness.
Check out their website to learn more about the effects of the menstrual cycle and menopause on exercise performance.

The Dance Fitness Studio

You will feel like dancing around and totally connected with your body after leaving The Dance Fitness Studio in Hawthorne. Their culture and classes are based on the belief that workouts should be fun and exciting.

Their main goals are creating a place where women belong, feel happy and energetic, and where the connection between mind and body is a priority. 

The Dance Fitness Studio offers a free class for everyone to try it and 8 different classes; dance cardio, full-body fusion, barre, mat pilates, yoga, group choreography workshop, teen class, and small groups sessions (one-on-one workouts).

Miss Fit

Miss Fit has the whole package. With a 24/7 female access gym located in Coorparoo, group classes and personal training, their 12 Weeks Challenge is something you would love trying. 

Their fitness centre counts with equipment specially catered for women’s bodies and goals, free parking and a community of like-minded women supporting each other. 

The absolute highlights of Miss Fit are their Baby Boot Camp and 12 Weeks Challenge. The Baby Boot Camp is a 6-weeks programme for mums that want to recover some strength and energy after giving birth. Is there a better way of doing it than with a group of women who know exactly what you are going through? Designed with love, from real women to real bodies, the whole point is to motivate you and give you space for yourself, providing also childminding service!

On the other hand, the 12 Weeks Challenge combines training plans and realistic meal plans to help you achieve your objectives. 

The Body Refinery

With remarkable personalized services and treatments, The Body Refinery is not like other fitness centres. It is focused to help people who struggle with certain body conditions, pains and/ or injuries.  

Everything starts with an initial appointment at the centre to identify your difficulties and goals. They combine pilates, physiotherapy, osteopathy, myotherapy, remedial massages and other activities to help you recover your strength, health and fitness. 

We know everybody is different, everyone has their own story, troubles and objectives, that is why we recommend The Body Refinery if you feel you need a personalized and specific way to achieve your goals. 

The Women’s Health programme is catered for women with pregnancy and postpartum concerns and is held at their centre in Brisbane.


With locations in Brisbane, Milton, West End, Woolloongabba and more, Fitstop provides the best conditions for functional group training, from premium amenities to a useful App that guides you through all the transformation process. 

They designed the perfect “formula” to build lean muscle and improve athletic abilities. The secret: a motivating and fun environment that will make you not want to miss a single class. 

The Fitstop Formula is a combination of 45-minutes functional sessions that should be done at least three per week to maximise results. Members can choose between 30 sessions per week and they incorporate high-intensity training with slow and progressive strength training.

The Fitstop Formula is a combination of 45-minutes functional sessions



Probably the most important factor when picking a fitness centre in Brisbane or any other big city, the location of your gym will totally determine your motivation and constancy. 

Equipment and facilities

Apart from the variety and quality of the equipment, take into account the amenities for post-workout needs, like showers, steamers or saunas.

Remember to visit the space for the first time and check out their facilities at prime time, when you will really get a chance to see how the place works.

Opening hours

Try to subscribe to fitness centres whose opening times adapt to your personal schedule. Maybe you are the kind of person that prefers to exercise on the weekends or at random hours like after dinner or before breakfast.

Subscription cost and cancellation policy

Costs and cancellation policies shouldn’t be a problem when you are focusing on your health and strength. Study different deals and opportunities, like paying for a whole year or six months, which sometimes ends up being cheaper than doing it monthly.

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