Rachel Dillon on becoming a WBFF world champion

Photography: Jessica Apap

Rachel Dillon is an Instagram personality, business owner and three-time WBFF Bikini World Champion to behold. After beginning her highly successful career as a personal trainer in tiny Townsville, North Queensland, today her online training business Bodies By Rachel (BBR) and activewear line Crop Shop Boutique continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Her killer lower body? Well, that’s renowned worldwide.

In our exclusive cover model interview with Dillon, we asked her how she did it.

SFMA: How would you describe your typical day?

Dillon: I start my day at 7am with a coffee and I plan the day ahead. I’m a huge believer in to-do lists – I’m forever ticking tasks off my list and adding new tasks to complete. I hit the gym for my workout, have my first meal and then get ready for the office. The majority of my day is spent working with the BBR team, before I head home to spend time with Nele (my mini dachshund!) and have dinner.

SMFA: What’s been one of your greatest challenges?

Dillon: Running BBR has been really difficult at times – there were some challenges I wasn’t sure I’d survive – but when you truly commit to a goal, quitting isn’t an option.

SFMA: What does success mean to you?

Dillon: I always strive to provide as much value to my community as possible. My goal has never been to have the most social media followers, but to provide as much benefit as I possibly can to anyone who chooses to join me on my journey. Success looks different to different people, but, to me, success is knowing that I’m always striving to add positivity to the lives of those around me.

SFMA: What’s your definition of strong?

Dillon: I believe that, as women, we are capable of achieving so much more than we know. To me, being a strong woman takes on a plethora of meanings, and I love how the definition of this word is transcending beyond its original connotations. Strong is sexy. Strong is confident. However, strong is also having the persistence to try again when you fail.

SFMA: How do you keep your mental health in check?

Dillon: I practise gratitude daily and I’m very conscious of my mindset. I’m not perfect, but I make a conscious effort daily to choose positivity and ground myself when I feel negativity enter my mantra. I like to take a break from technology before going to sleep and read instead, which I really enjoy.

For more about the incredible Rachel Dillon, including her at-home lower-body workout, what she eats in a day and her plans for 2020, read our full interview in our special digital edition of STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia. Only pay what you can afford!

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