Q&A: 24-hour SkiErg Challenger Sarah Fry

Could you last 24 hours smashing it out on the SkiErg for a good cause? We are beyond excited to be partnering with the Just Be Nice (JBN) Project – an Aussie non-for-profit organisation that provides housing, employment and improved mental health to those in need – to support their latest fundraising endeavour.

Men and women from gyms across the nation will be jumping into teams of four at 8AM Saturday March 14 and skiing through the night for 24 hours straight.

Since the age of eight, Personal Trainer Sarah Fry has kept active with dancing and DIY workouts. Now she shares why she has decided to ski into the wee hours of the morning for the best of causes.

When I was eight years old, I started dancing and I knew that to perform better, I needed to get stronger. I started creating little fitness workouts for myself at home until I was old enough to train with my Dad. I first stepped into a gym at age 12 and I’ve  never looked back – I’ve always wanted to teach others how good fitness could make them feel. Once I stepped into the industry at age 18, I have been passionate about getting in front of more and more people, to help educate them on what works best for their own body.

I absolutely love a challenge, so as soon as I heard about a 24 hour SkiErg mission I knew I wanted to be a part of it. It’s such a unique opportunity – I definitely encourage others to jump on board and do something truly challenging!

I have incorporated a few more ski erg sessions into my workouts, as well as ensuring I get to two classes at The PITT each week. My training usually consists of multiple high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, so not too much had to change – the challenge is simply holding me accountable.

I think the challenge will really start to set in around 2am–3am, when I would normally be asleep. But that’s the aim of the game! I am most excited about everyone being in the same room, with the same goal on the day. I can’t wait to be part of my all-female team, showing support to one another and showing the boys how it is done.

I perform three to four strength sessions per week, as well as three to four Pilates classes, two high intensity classes at The PITT, two running sessions and one boxing session at FightFit in Collingwood. 

Meal 1: Coffee and two eggs with either broccoli or zucchini, and avocado.
Meal 2: Oats or a fruit smoothie.
Meal 3: Large salad with an egg and salmon or roast veggies with chicken.
Meal 4: Big salad or roast veggies with a protein.
Snacks: Fruit, protein shakes, eggs, nuts.
Meal 5: Omelette with veggies and avocado or a large poke bowl.

Read more about the challenge here. Sarah’s team members include Georgia, Kylie and Narissah.

Feel you have what it takes? It’s not too late to sign up! Simply reach out to Josh at the JBN Project or fellow challenge organiser Clay Carey for further details and to get involved. Or if you would like to donate, head to their Go Fund Me page

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