Q&A: 24-hour SkiErg Challenger Narissah Shaw

Could you last 24 hours smashing it out on the SkiErg for a good cause? We are beyond excited to be partnering with the Just Be Nice (JBN) Project – an Aussie non-for-profit organisation that provides housing, employment and improved mental health to those in need – to support their latest fundraising endeavour.

Men and women from gyms across the nation will be jumping into teams of four at 8AM Saturday March 14 and skiing through the night for 24 hours straight.

A competitive state netball player, triathlete and Ironman World Champion qualifier – is there anything Personal Trainer Narissah Shaw hasn’t done? Only a 24-hour SkiErg challenge. Her intense training regime and fearless attitude has left us with no doubts that she’ll make it to the end  of this event with a breath or two to spare.

I found my love of fitness when I first started playing netball, aged eight – I played at a competitive state level right up until my early twenties. I realised I wanted to make the industry my career and so completed my certificate three and four in fitness shortly after. Fitness is my happy place and I believe every single person can benefit from exercising in one way or another. 

I am an extremely goal driven person, so I love having an objective to my training and an event to look forward to. The Just Be Nice Project is an awesome cause –  what better way to complete my first 24-hour challenge than to raise awareness for mental health. 

For the past two years, my training has been focused on competing in endurance triathlons. After recently qualifying for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships, I have now added high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts using the SkiErg into my usual routine.

I’m honestly not scared about the event at all – I’m just so excited for it to begin! I’m looking forward to the sense of community I know I’ll experience on the day.

I train 12 times per week  – which includes swim, bike and run sessions – plus two Pilates classes. 

Meal 1 – High protein superfood smoothie.
Meal 2 – Avocado on toast with ricotta and two poached eggs.
Meal 3 – High protein smoothie.
Snacks: Crackers and nuts.
Meal 5: Steak or chicken with sautéed green vegetables.

Read more about the challenge here. Narissah’s team members include Sarah, Georgia and Kylie.

Feel you have what it takes? It’s not too late to sign up! Simply reach out to Josh at the JBN Project or fellow challenge organiser Clay Carey for further details and to get involved. Or if you would like to donate, head to their Go Fund Me page

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