Q&A: 24-hour SkiErg Challenger Kylie Massi

Could you last 24 hours smashing it out on the SkiErg for a good cause? We are beyond excited to be partnering with the Just Be Nice (JBN) Project – an Aussie non-for-profit organisation that provides housing, employment and improved mental health to those in need – to support their latest fundraising endeavour.

Men and women from gyms across the nation will be jumping into teams of four at 8AM Saturday March 14 and skiing through the night for 24 hours straight.

CrossFit Coach, mum and Challanger, Kylie Massi, shares her secret to keeping fit at fifty and how she’s prepping for 24 hours on the erg.

After many years of avoiding any real fitness activity, I decided at 40 years of age to get back into it. I began with a goal to complete a 10km fun run, which I did, before I was introduced to CrossFit in 2011. Although the idea of training at a gym was not my idea of fun – I’d never touched a barbell or dumbbell before – I was instantly hooked. After a lot of encouragement from some amazing coaches, I dove into CrossFit competitions and ended up competing in the Masters 45 to 49 age group at the CrossFit Games in 2015, 2016 and 2017.  

I’m always looking for opportunities to challenge myself and to contribute to important and effective causes. This challenge combines those two passions – what Josh [Jones, founder of the JBN Project] is achieving with the JBN Project is incredible.

As a team event, it also means I will be sharing the load, pain, suffering and fun with others. What a better way to meet a bunch of committed people – ordinary people doing the extraordinary! 

I won’t be changing my usual training routine much. I’ll simply add a few additional cardio sessions using the SkiErg, to ensure those muscle groups are as prepared as possible for the 24 hours. 

I’m so excited to simply be involved and put myself through a 24-hour test. Being 50 years old, I’m always a bit nervous about how my body will cope. But I’m physically prepared and tend to do well mentally and emotionally in the face of a challenge.

I normally train five to six days per week, following a typical CrossFit program covering strength, cardio and gymnastics. I make sure I stretch and recover as much as possible. 

On waking: Water with apple cider vinegar, flat white.
Meal 1: Scrambled eggs with mushroom, spinach, broccoli and avocado, or avocado toast. Plus, another coffee.
Snacks: Lollies, peanut butter or chocolate protein bar, fruit, almonds.
Meal 2: Dinner’s leftovers, a Muscle Meal or a hamburger from a café.
Meal 3: Protein bar, vegetable sticks with hummus, or cheese and gluten-free crackers.
Meal 4: Protein with rice and vegetables or pasta with various toppings.
Meal 5: Ice-Cream and a glass of wine most nights.

Read more about the challenge here. Kylie’s team members include Narissah, Sarah and Georgia.

Feel you have what it takes? It’s not too late to sign up! Simply reach out to Josh at the JBN Project or fellow challenge organiser Clay Carey for further details and to get involved. Or if you would like to donate, head to their Go Fund Me page

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