Having an underactive thyroid is a serious health condition. It can affect metabolism, sleep, skin, mood, energy, and so much more. Kim Lawless didn’t let that diagnosis stop her from becoming the successful athlete she is today. In fact, she saw it as a challenge and rose to the occasion. Lawless set out on a mission to get healthy and it developed into a lifelong passion and fitness career. We sat down with Lawless to get some insight into her journey and how she overcame thyroid issues and went onto become one of Australia’s top bikini models.

SFMA: How did your health and fitness journey begin?

LAWLESS: I have an underactive thyroid and I have had this condition for going on 15yrs now. A healthy lifestyle started me into my fitness career. I started in my 40’s and once I saw results in the choices I was making in my fitness journey and seeing how healthy my thyroid was this was the light bulb moment for me. I have been into fitness ever since.

SFMA: What do you love most about competing in bodybuilding?

LAWLESS: Being in my 40’s I wanted to give me something back….and in saying this I had been a stay-at-home mother for 10years looking after three daughters and a homemaker. I wanted to find my spark once again.  

Fitness gave me the spark I had lost for so long and this showed me I could still be focused and dedicated to getting results from every show I have done. 

One thing I absolutely love is that I get to inspire so many women over 40 to get back into fitness and be healthy and find that spark, that passion they once had before they became mothers.

SFMA: Anything you dislike about it?

LAWLESS: I guess for me the last few weeks leading up to comp having to be so strict on the food intake and also the water loading days…aargh!

SFMA: What is your best piece of advice for beginners to bodybuilding?

LAWLESS: Go into this with passion! Enjoy the results you see once you start your journey in your mindset and your body goals and enjoy the experience. To be able to push your body to its ultimate peak in your life is such an honour and be grateful for what you have – your health.


SFMA: What has been your greatest challenge?

LAWLESS: For me, it has been staying focused throughout COVID-19 and lockdown last year. I was in heavy lockdown in Melbourne and I had to keep my mind strong and keep focused on my fitness to stay on top of my strength training and also to keep motivated…This was a huge challenge for me as I was home schooling all three of my daughters.

SFMA: How about your greatest achievement?

LAWLESS: My greatest achievement is inspiring others with the messages and calls I get from women from all over the world. This for me is one huge achievement in keeping with what I am doing.

SFMA: What does being a STRONG woman mean to you?

LAWLESS: It means complete health mentally and physically. Being able to combat the challenges given with grace and resilience and to keep strong on many levels not only in fitness.

SFMA: What’s your average week of training?

LAWLESS: 4/5 days a week in the gym.

Cardio 30mins

Each day is consistently working x3 body parts I do follow a program in order to achieve my desired body goals.

SFMA: What’s your average day on a plate?

LAWLESS: I eat something like this:

  • Oats in morning
  • Protein, rice and spinach leaves for a snack
  • Protein shake for lunch
  • Protein, asparagus and spinach leaves for a snack
  • Protein, sweet potato and salad/veg for dinner
  • Protein shake/ rice cakes with peanut butter and honey x2 for dessert

SFMA: What supplements do you take?

LAWLESS: Vegan protein – Goliath Protein (Australia brand), pre-workout and BIOV8 Lean Muscle cream.

SFMA: What’s your favourite product?

LAWLESS: A natural anti-aging product from BIOV8, it is totally amazing! Once we start to age we lose that deep sleep cycle. This product activates that REM sleep cycle stage 4 and this is where all the magic begins. Nootropics – BIOV8 Brian is a must in my daily routine. This helps with brain fog and keeps my brain clear and sharp throughout my day. I also love my Vegan Honeycomb protein shake.

SFMA: How do you support your recovery?

LAWLESS: Rest and infrared sauna at Nudie Tan in the Corso, Manly

SFMA: Is there a coach or fellow athlete you look to as a role model and why?

LAWLESS: Well for me it wasn’t a coach or a role model I was inspired but by a friend of mine who owns a supplement company originally from South Africa and now is internationally known. I was inspired by his movement in the fitness world and I started off doing one of his online eating and training regimes! So I’d say the company USN – Ultimate Sports Nutrition was my role model.

SFMA: What are some random facts about you? 

LAWLESS: I’m born South African

I’m 46yrs

I have been in Australia for 21 years moved here in my early 20’s

I used to dance and model in my teenage years

I have 3 daughters and 3 dachshunds

My fav drink is a good whiskey

As Lawless continues to focus on her daughters, she looks forward to the world continuing to ease out of the pandemic where her fitness and career can get back on track. For now, she is adapting and sharing her story in hopes to inspire others. For more, follow Kim Lawless here.

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Please note: STRONG Australia recommends consulting with a qualified dietitian or nutritionist before commencing any form of dieting, we do not endorse nor recommend any food or training mentioned here.

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