How to build your dream career during COVID-19

Spending more time at home does have a few silver linings, including less time in the car commuting to work or play. It also gives you the opportunity to use that additional time constructively – such as building your dream career or upskilling your health and fitness know-how.

Whether you aspire to become a nutrition or women’s health coach, you’re a trainer who wants to add more value to their services, or you simply want to understand more about how your own body works, now is the time to hit the books (or screen).

‘Once we go back to something resembling ‘normality’, Australians are going to be more health conscious than ever. Those with limited exercise experience will turn to fitness professionals for assistance in achieving their health and fitness goals, meaning there will be more demand for qualified trainers,’ says FIAFitnation National Academic Manager, Ewan Birnie.

‘Some employers in the industry have responded to the unusual environment very quickly and are actively recruiting for new roles that these changes have created.’

Thanks to the internet, there’s a range of affordable online short courses that can be completed from the safety of your own loungeroom.

With help from the experts at FIAFitnation, we’ve rounded up a few of our faves:

1. The Gut Microbiome
There’s few areas of health and nutrition more interesting than the gut. Recent research has linked the health of your microbiome to everything from your ability to burn fat or build lean muscle, to your personality and mental health. This short course will run you through the anatomy of the digestive system and how to optimise it for yourself or for your clients, as well as how to pick the best gut-friendly foods. The best bit? This course takes just 18 hours to complete and costs just $275.

2. The Science of Weight Loss
Energy balance. Hormones. Appetite, societal pressures and the physiology of fat gain. We love that all the important stuff is covered by this time-efficient 16-hour course delivered by the industry’s best.

‘Right now, with incidental activity significantly decreased and the fridge in constant reach, many people are finding it tough to shake their excess body fat,’ says FIAFitnation’s Head Nutrition Trainer, Sophie Scott.

‘With this course under your belt, you’ll be able to find out what actually works for fat loss and help support clients or yourself to reach individual fat loss goals.’

3. Food and the Environment
Take a look back on the evolution of the human diet to see what we are doing right, and what we may need to reconsider. You’ll get the answers to questions such as ‘is organic food really best for good health?’; ‘why is local or seasonal food beneficial?’; ‘could we one day be eating insects for protein?’ and ‘how do I mitigate food wastage?’. This short course is perfect for people who are interested in the environment and its relationship to nutrition, and who want to future-proof their knowledge. Plus, it takes just 19 hours to complete.

4. Nutrition Coach
Are you a personal trainer who wants to deepen their knowledge to better support clients or do you simply want the ability to write meal plans for yourself and close friends? This course is brimming with the latest research and practical tools that will help you, help others. Once certified, you’ll have a solid base of knowledge and the confidence to complete one-on-one consultations, create meal plans, run workshops, film pantry overhaul YouTube videos and everything in-between.

5. Master Coach
Ready to take the leap into a new full-time career? Then the Master Coach program is the crème de la crème of courses. On completion, you’ll receive all the quals needed to become a personal trainer, and run gym classes or bootcamps. But what we love most is that the total fee for the course includes your First Aid certificate plus three short courses of your choice – be it functional training, personal training or nutrition – so you can hone your skills to deliver the niche services you are most passionate about.

‘We have liaised with key industry employers to design a series of short courses that can address the problem areas facing new trainers,’ says Ewan.

‘It also allows students to identify an area of specialisation, getting a head start in what is a competitive industry.’

Courses can be completed full time or part time at your own pace or streamed live over Zoom over 39 to 78 weeks. Practical exams can also be deferred until things are back to normal or you can choose to be assessed via video conference.

Want to know more about FIAFitnation’s wide range of courses? Head to their website.

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