Four inspirational women share what strong means to them

Being strong isn’t just about how heavy you lift. At STRONG Australia, we are inspired by women who are strong in body and mind, and in their willingness to give their goals their all.

We asked the Aussie women on our Advisory Board for their own definition of strong:

  1. Leanne Ward
    Nutritionist, Dietitian and Sports Dietitian
    STRONG Australia Dietitian

When I think of strength I think of mental strength and having the ability to put yourself first. To be a woman in this day requires a lot of juggling – careers, relationships, children, ‘upkeep’ of appearances, running a household and the monthly struggles of PMS!

There is so much expectation from society, particularly in terms of social media, that we often try to do everything perfectly. To me, a strong woman has her own self-care as a priority and has the ability to say ‘no’.


  1. Alicia Beveridge
    Founding Instructor – Barry’s Bootcamp Australia
    STRONG Australia Associate Style Editor

To me, being a strong woman is about understanding the importance of being healthy, in both mind and body; it’s a lifestyle, not just a body type.

Strength comes from inspiring, supporting and celebrating others, especially women, and always remaining true to yourself.




  1. Denae Brown
    Four-time CrossFit Games Athlete and business owner
    STRONG Australia Performance Coach

To me, strength means proving to yourself that you are much stronger mentally than you think you are.

It’s about having the ability to overcome setbacks even though the odds are heavily stacked against you. It’s about having faith in yourself and your ability to overcome your fears. It’s about finding the spirit and courage to not give up, and having the belief you will always find a way.


  1. Alexa Towersey
    Trainer and mental health advocate
    STRONG Australia Head Trainer

Psychological strength is just as important – if not more so – than physical strength. I truly believe that when you develop physical strength, you develop mental toughness.

When you’re mentally tough, you’re more resilient. When you’re more resilient, you’re more likely to cultivate a positive mindset. And when you have a more positive mindset, you’re better equipped to deal with anything life throws at you.


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