How ex-Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger maintains her fit bod

?: Maxwell Poth

Former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls Nicole Scherzinger has arguably one of the fittest bodies in the world. The 41-year old solo artist and TV host caught up with STRONG Australia to share how she stays fit while keeping her career and her mind healthy.

SFMA: What does a day in the life of Nicole Scherzinger look like?

Scherzinger: At the moment, I seem to spend most of my days on planes back and forth between Sydney and LA. When I’m based in LA, I’ll start the day with a workout, breakfast, meetings, then the studio for music, and usually a business dinner or catch up with friends.

SFMA: Despite your busy schedule, you somehow manage to stay physically fit and strong. What does your training involve?

Scherzinger: I try to mix it up so I don’t get bored – lots of different classes blending cardio and resistance training, and I also work with an amazing trainer in LA who helps keep me motivated.

Nicole ScherzingerSFMA: What’s your number one self-care tip?

Scherzinger: Honestly, hydration and a little bit of exercise. There’s nothing a workout can’t help you figure out.

SFMA: What advice would you give women about positive body image?

Scherzinger: I think you need to focus on the things you do love about yourself, and surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Baby steps from there!

SFMA: What’s coming up next for you?

Scherzinger: I’m about to start working on a new project with Netflix, a TV show in the UK and planning some great things with music for next year – including my next visit to Australia!

Read the full interview and find out what’s been Scherzinger’s greatest challenge in the October/November edition of STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia.

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