Cover model: Stephanie Sanzo on what it means to be strong

STRONG Australia’s launch issue cover model knows a thing or two about strength – in both body and mind. Deadlifting an easy 160kg despite her short stature, Stephanie Sanzo is a fitness trainer, influencer and a mother of two who boasts over 1.4 million followers on Instagram, and it’s taken sheer determination and years of hard work to get to where she is today. 

STRONG Australia Editor-in-Chief Katelyn Swallow sat down with Sanzo to chat about her fitness journey and what it means to be strong.

SFMA: Have you always been into health and fitness?
Sanzo: Not exactly. My fitness journey began after my first pregnancy, when I gained 25 kilos. I had very little knowledge about nutrition and gave in to all my cravings. I went from working full time to being a stay-at-home mum. My body and lifestyle went through a massive change. It was the most unsettled and unhappy I had ever felt in terms of overall health.

SFMA: How did you get started?
Sanzo: Those feelings of inadequacy were strong enough for me to finally make a change. I educated myself and incorporated running into my routine. Running became an outlet for negative feelings and a source of meditation. 

SFMA: How did you move from running to weight training?
Sanzo: Pregnancy was even more challenging the second time around. I experienced a prolapse in my bladder during birth, which ruled out running in the future. I was devastated. But I was driven to find an alternative mode of exercise. So I started weight training, and quickly fell in love with the strength and confidence I gained.

SFMA: At STRONG Australia, we believe that being strong is about so much more than mastering a heavy lift. What’s being strong?
Sanzo: I believe a strong woman is a woman that has overcome hard times and adversity. A woman who perseveres through challenges and is resilient against all odds. A woman who is determined for growth in all aspects of her life. A woman who believes in herself and takes action!

Read the complete interview in STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia’s October/November print edition. You’ll gain insight into Sanzo’s thoughts on body image, her self-care strategies, how she eats and trains, strength tips and much more. 

Want to create a strong posterior chain and shapely glutes? You need to follow Sanzo’s full powerbuilding workout. Also featured in the October/November issue. 

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