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Horizon Athletic

The best workout clothes are built to last. And what can be better than high-quality athletic wear that optimizes your training routines and protects the planet at the same time? 

With the goal of renewing our commitment to self-care, health, fitness and empowering strong women, we came up with a guide to ethically made activewear in Australia. All of them are created with exceptional fabrics that will keep you moving during your intense workouts and that you can trust for quality and longevity.

Investing in high-quality garments for your indoor or outdoor training whether that is hoops in the park, powerlifting in the gym or a morning workout at home doesn’t mean you need to give up style. Do you prefer using comfortable athletic wear for all kinds of daily activities? We got you. These Australian-owned brands not only design athletic wear to boost your performance but also add some extra motivation as they look awesome too. 

Let us know your favourites!


Horizon Athletic

Horizon Athletic imagines a fashion industry with minimum impact. Their designs are made to last and guarantee maximum usage. 

Owned by the professional athlete Marlena Gabriel, Horizon Athletic is a reflection of her love for sports and nature. And we can see that in all their collections. The colours of their activewear remind us of endless sunsets, the powerful ocean of Australia and nature’s palette. 

But the most amazing thing about this brand born in Sydney is not their original and authentic designs, but their commitment to reducing plastic waste. All their active and swim range is made with Econyl, a recycled fibre made from abandoned fishing nets and other post-consumer waste. 

When shopping at Horizon Athletic, you can expect leggings, shorts, tops, sports bras, jumpers, bikinis and one-piece swimwear. 

Elle Evans

Elle Evans understands that sustainability in fashion production doesn’t end in the materials they use. That is why they manufacture every swimsuit, legging or sports bra only after an order has been placed, making sure every single product will end up in someone’s wardrobe and body. A brilliant idea, huh?

And that’s not all! Their activewear goes from shorts to leggings and bras with happy and colourful designs that are produced with recycled nylon, on-demand and available in XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL sizes. 

Team Timbuktu

If you are looking for leggings with the perfect fit and minimalist designs that will last forever, the answer is Team Timbuktu.  

Team Timbuktu’s leggings are silky, comfy and with big pockets, where you can carry your keys and other essentials and wear them with pride for a good hike, work out or a casual brunch with your girls. 

Their high-performance activewear also includes puffer jackets, all of them produced with recycled plastic bottles! It is amazing what creative people can achieve when their passion for fitness and the environment is so strong.

Dharma Bums

Specially designed for movement, comfort and support, Dharma Bums is the exact combination of high-tech, performance and sustainability.  

The brand’s basics are made with organic supima cotton, lenzing modal and recycled fabrics, and with neutral colours and affordable prices. Is the perfect place to stock up on all your essentials like leggings and tops, all of them created to last, no matter how intense your workout is.

Created in the northern beaches of Sydney, Dharma Bums designs include hand-painted signature prints, making all of their athletic wear unique. 

Jasmine Alexa

Born in Melbourne, Jasmine Alexa creates ‘timeless and elegant clothes for the modern active women’. Do you feel more comfortable using athletic wear and like to use them for almost everything? Well, we do too. 

And that’s exactly what Jasmine Alexa offers; ease, sophisticated and high-quality clothes for a good workout but also for a lunch date before heading to the gym. They manufacture the majority of their products in Melbourne and source sustainable textiles like organic cotton and Econyl. 

We are in love with their blending of athletic style and elegance that results in unique and practical outfits.

Things to consider before buying athletic wear

High-performance fabrics

When choosing the best athletic wear, you need to make sure that the fabrics are breathable, flexible and lightweight. Like this, you guarantee the ultimate comfort for your workouts. 

Ecolyn, an amazing sustainable alternative of nylon, is sweat-wicking, breathable and super stretchy.

Make sure the fit is good

If you are buying online and have no chance to fit the activewear before (pretty normal during these times, huh?), you will need to know your exact size beforehand. 

Think about crucial areas like hips and bust, and lower and upper arms. We find it very useful to make proper and accurate measurements of our bodies first and always check the brand’s sizing information on their websites. 

Check out for special features

Keep an eye on some features that really make the difference, like pockets for your phone and keys and reflective details if you run at night.

We hope we helped you to make your choice! 

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