Alisha Jayne - Faebella

Faebella is an Australian activewear brand incorporating Indigenous Australian artwork, culture and stories into beautiful and versatile clothing.

Faebella launched in late 2016 and was relaunched March 2020 by Alisha Jayne, a Bond University graduate and proud Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman from the Gold Coast. Alisha always had a strong passion for sharing her people’s art and culture with the world, and discovered an ingenious way of doing just that while giving art tours of the University’s Indigenous art collection during her studies.

‘I realised that a lot of people didn’t actually know the stories that lived in the paintings and the meaning of the symbols utilised in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artwork. I thought that more people would appreciate the styles if they understood more about them,’ explains Alisha.

‘I then had the idea that many of the paintings would look stunning on clothing.’

Alisha enrolled in Bond University’s business accelerator program and finally founded the activewear brand, Faebella.

Today, Alisha works with both Indigenous artists and inhouse fashion designers to create the contemporary clothing pieces you can purchase here.

Read more about Faebella’s mission and vision here.