Complaints handling policy




STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia Pty Ltd supports the public’s right to make complaints and takes complaints about editorial content seriously.


Complaints and feedback are an integral part of continual improvement of our products and services and we readily welcome all feedback and complaints. Our aim is to consistently provide engaging content that does not demean any individuals or groups.


This policy includes our objectives, guiding principles, scope, roles and responsibilities, how to make a complaint, complaint handling procedure, remedies, privacy, recording complaints and reporting on performance.



This policy is designed to provide clear processes and guidelines to assist those who wish to make a complaint about our editorial. It includes the following principles:


  • Our commitment to upholding a transparent and honest system around the handling of complaints
  • The clarification of roles and their participation within the complaint handling process
  • The time frames for the handling and addressing of all complaints
  • Demonstrate the process for which staff record and analyse the complaint and how the complaint is handled fairly and objectively

Definition of a complaint:

 We define a complaint as a written statement that claims one or more specific editorial items published by STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia Pty Ltd does not adhere to the standards set out in our editorial policy.

If you wish to make a complaint about the editorial content in our print or digital publications, please follow the complaints process below.

How to complain

Write or email the details of your complaint to STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia Pty Ltd, Shop 2/392 Hamilton Road, Chermside QLD 4032 or

Details to include in your complaint

  • For complaints about website content, a link to the relevant webpage.
  • For complaints about print or digital magazine content, the relevant article title, volume and issue number, and page number.
  • A clear outline of the nature of your complaint, including the specific words, paragraphs, imagery or subject matter you take issue with and your reasons for coming to this view.
  • The best contact details for STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia to address a reply, including your full name.
  • A complaint will not be addressed if it is anonymous

When can you complain

STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia accepts complaints up for 16 weeks from the publication date of the relevant content. Barring exceptional circumstances, STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia does not accept complaints from anonymous sources.


What happens to your complaint

 STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia aims to acknowledge your complaint within five business days via the form of communication you have provided us, whether that be by email or post. All complaints will be responded to in writing within 28 days of receiving all relevant information, to allow time for investigation.

We aim to consider your complaint seriously, fairly, and with courtesy and respect.

Please note:

  • If multiple complaints are received about the same issue, STRONG Fitness Magazine Australia will provide one response to all.
  • If we accept your complaint is valid, a correction and/or apology will be issued as quickly as possible. For print or digital magazine complaints, this is the next print or digital issue. For website content, this is within 48 hours of issuing our response to your complaint.
  • If at any stage of your complaint we do not hear back from you for 10 business days, we will consider the matter resolved.
  • We reserve the right to reject any complaint that is abusive.

All complaints are reviewed by the CEO and these will be processed within 28 days and an outcome will be provided at the conclusion of the review.

Appeals process

  The outcome letter that is provided at the completion of the review will provide information to the complainant on external group who are available to complete an external review of the complaint such as the Queensland Ombudsman.

Remedy of error

Where an error regarding a complaint has occurred, we will take the following steps to amend and address the situation (included but not limited to)

An explanation as to how the error occurred, and the steps we are proposing to prevent it happening again.

An apology to be issued to the complainant.

A reversal of decision.


When gathering information to respond to a complaint, we will only:

Use it to deal with the complaint or to address systemic issues arising from the complaint disclose it in a de-identified form at when disclosing data to the public share it with staff on a need to know basis.

Recording complaints

All complaints are recorded in our complaint database.

We analyse our complaint data and provide annual reports to [insert details of relevant parties to report to] on how we can reduce complaints and improve services. Senior management is responsible for acting on the recommendations in these reports.

We record the following information for each complaint:

  • the complainant’s details how the complaint was received a description of the complaint
  • the complainant’s desired outcome (if known) the agency officer responsible for handling the complaint any action taken, including contact with the complainant, response times and the outcome
  • when the complaint was finalised
  • relevant demographic information that could help improve services
  • any recommendations for improvement, and who is responsible for implementing them.

Reporting on performance

To measure our performance, we have the following key performance indicators:

  • complaints upheld, partially upheld, not upheld
  • performance against timelines set by the agency i.e. average time to respond
  • number of changes made to services as a result of complaints
  • number of complaint outcomes overturned on internal review
  • customer satisfaction with the complaint handling system
  • complaints escalated to the Queensland’s Ombudsman’s office where the agency’s original decision has been overturned and/or proposals for action have been made by the Ombudsman.

We will report against our complaint handling key performance indicators in our annual report, where we will also detail any service improvements made as a result of complaints received.